Searching for roller shutters in the market is the most straightforward task to be assigned. It is the easiest to find; as a client, you will get the impression of it being a ubiquitous product.

However, that is a budgeting trap that you might like to avoid. When selecting a roller shutter, price is usually only one of the elements to factor in when making the decision. That is because it is not only about short-term budgeting but long-term savings.

We’ve put together a list of factors to consider when choosing your industrial/ commercial roller shutters

  1. The place where it is to be installed in
  2. Application
  3. Security
  4. Shutter Operation
  5. Safety measurements of the door
  6. Punctuality and Reliability of your supplier
  7. Budget
  8. Warranty

It would make a difference when shutter rollers are installed indoors or outdoors.

For Outdoors applications, you will be looking for highly durable doors whose structure is wind resistant and endure environmental factors to avoid needing to replace the door after installation.

We need to consider the wind, weather, and security when discussing durability.

To ensure operation security, MEC offers all roller shutters, locally or internationally, supplied with end locks and secured curtains.

End locks are installed at the edges of the slats of the shutter curtain. These secure the daily operation of the door and prevent any lateral movement of the curtain.

For wide door openings and high wind-exposed locations, we offer wind anchors. The anchor system consists of a track to accommodate the Wind clips fitted to the shutter curtain slats. The door’s side guides are adjusted to accommodate the anchor system. This provides the door with significant support to withstand high wind pressure.

Consequently, the door is significantly tough and durable when closed, as the wind clips line up tightly with the brackets in the anchored guides. This holds the tracks to the door jambs.

With dust accumulation, your roller shutter is exposed to a significant drop in performance and high downtimes. As MEC we insist on using brushes when weather seals are required instead of the typical weather seals used in the market. That is because door brushes work with zero compression. The brush’s flexibility would ease the sweep during the door operation, increasing the door insulation and aiding in deterring dust and weather debris.

See your next blog talking about a new factor when choosing your roller shutter

And as we always say at MEC, your business is our business