Perforated Doors

Perforated Doors provide the required security degree, while the transparent feature provides the required aesthetic look. Perforated doors are corrosion-resistant and come in many shapes and colours.

Prince Roller Shutter

Aluminium Roller Shutter Doors, one of our signature products, operate on the world’s leading French motors, Simu motors.

Shield Roller Shutter Doors

Constituting double-insulated slats providing high security and insulation while operating on the world’s leading French motors, Simu motors.

Polycarbonate Doors

Bespoke products for commercial buildings combining security with intelligent marketing. It is transparent yet unbreakable.

MEC Doors & Gates

Automatic Control Systems for Doors & Gates

MEC has the pleasure of presenting to our customers all over Egypt the ideal solution for imported protection and security doors and our locally manufactured doors. We deliver to the most well-known and market-leading companies, stores, megastores and factories all over Egypt.

Our service not only provides you a market-leading product, but it starts with studying and providing technical consultation, installing the product, to providing you with top-notch after-sales services.


Our strategy is based on the full-package specialist. Our product range encompasses all the fields, and our services expand across all of Egypt.




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Why MEC Doors & Gates?

We proudly gain customer trust and confidence. This is achieved through our three paramount factors

  • Knowledgeable, experienced team
  • Reliable and Durable products
  • Exclusivity in our provided services, including full support and a fast, responsive after-sales

Find us in Megastores, Commercial Buildings, Factories, Administrative Buildings, Shopping Centres, Airports, Harbours, Train Stations, and many other places

  • Heavy Duty
    Heavy Duty
    All our products are designed and certified to withstand heavy-duty usage. MEC products are proudly found in market-leading warehouses, factories, hangars etc
  • Technical Support
    Technical Support
    At MEC, we proudly present our technical, installing and maintenance teams that would support you technically throughout your project
  • Designed by the Experts
    Designed by the Experts
    At MEC, we ensure only to provide our customers first rated products testing every component and application of the supplied product. This guarantees the product's durability and performance, boosting the system's effectiveness and quality. It is the best solution for food and beverage factories, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, theatre rooms and any application with critical operations
  • After-Sales
    A powerful differentiator that MEC embraces is having a dedicated maintenance team available 24/7. We guarantee the quality and performance of our products. It is the product we sell and responsible and reliable service and support

Latest Projects

MEC (The Egyptians for Electricity & Communications) has the pleasure of presenting a sneak peek of its customers all over Egypt

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    May 17, 2023

    Let’s talk about the durability of Roller Shutters

    Searching for roller shutters in the market is the most straightforward task to be assigned. It is the easiest to find; as a client, you will get the impression of it being a ubiquitous product. However, that is a budgeting trap that you might like to avoid. When selecting a roller shutter, price is usually only one of the elements to factor in when making the decision. That is because it is not only about short-term budgeting but long-term savings. We’ve put together a list of factors to consider when choosing your industrial/ commercial roller shutters The place where it is to be installed in Application Security Shutter Operation Safety measurements of the door Punctuality and Reliability of your supplier Budget Warranty It would make a difference when shutter rollers are installed indoors or outdoors. For Outdoors applications, you will be looking for highly durable doors whose structure is wind resistant and endure environmental factors to avoid needing to replace the door after installation. We need to consider the wind, weather, and security when discussing durability. To ensure operation security, MEC offers all roller shutters, locally or internationally, supplied with end locks and secured curtains. End locks are installed at the edges of the slats of the shutter curtain. These secure the daily operation of the door and prevent any lateral movement of the curtain. For wide door openings and high wind-exposed locations, we offer wind anchors. The anchor system consists of a track to accommodate the Wind clips fitted to the shutter curtain slats. The door’s side guides are adjusted to accommodate the anchor system. This provides the door with significant [...]Read more
    May 16, 2023

    When discussing bank premises security, we need to discuss MEC Roller Doors

    When discussing Bank premises security, we need to discuss MEC roller doors. They always say price and quality are never combined. However, MEC has set an end to these ages ago. Our team is committed to providing premium-quality workmanship at affordable prices. We pleasantly pioneered locally manufactured aluminium polycarbonate doors that have proven their reliability and durability, especially in critical applications like banks. The central banks of Egypt specified MEC for their locally manufactured doors, and since 2011, CIB and other 40 banks have proudly specified us for our doors' quality and performance. This is achieved using Simu-motors, bespoke door designs and superior technical knowledge. Our panel section designs make the door designs more flexible, which assists in rapidly responding to our client’s demands and consultants’ specifications. All our designs are aluminium or tailored to your needs. The panels are interlocked, which provides the door stability and makes it safe and eligible for attacks. The doors are manufactured for heights up to 4m and a width of 12m. Our doors have proven their long-standing history against general crime and damage, vandalism, theft and other security risks. The journey continues after the installation of the doors. MEC offers one of the most robust maintenance service plans that would prolong the service life of our doors. Also, knowing that we are just one call away is essential, as MEC offers a 24/7 call-out service. Do you require security doors? Then opt for MEC doors.Read more