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MEC Doors & Gates

Automatic Control Systems for Doors & Gates

MEC Doors & Gates is a real-life story of how passion, hard work, and knowledge can make big visions come true. Our story started in 1995, when MEC founder, Eng. Ashraf Mohareb, realised the importance of People and Goods flow. Our goal has always been to deliver a profound process to boost the user experience and production efficiency and contribute to redefining Egypt’s industrial, commercial, and residential markets.
That is why we directed our focus initially towards rolling shutters. From day one, we believed in the importance of the quality and reliability of our products. The story started with one giant, automated rolling shutter door mixed with intellectual knowledge, skills and dreams; 27 years later, MEC is known for its full specialist concept, offering more than 20 high-end products. Our products range from automated rolling shutters, fire-rated shutters, security shutters, Sectional doors, Hermetic doors, sliding doors, Telescopic doors, Revolving doors, Breakout systems, High-Speed Doors, Fire-rate and Smoke curtains, folding doors, Docking Systems, Tractable Doors, Turnstile and Arm barriers and much more.

MEC is proudly exclusively representing more than 13 market-leading door and safety curtain manufacturers worldwide. With our growing family, expertise, and knowledge, we have become market leaders in supplying and maintaining world top-notch products and representing our steel and aluminium bespoke shutters. For the past fifteen years, those shutters have manifested their high security, reliability and durability features. Those shutters are proudly manufactured and assembled locally and are operated by the world’s leading motors, Simu.
MEC has earned a reputation for excellence in its high-end products and reliable maintenance service. Over the past 27 years, we have become widely recognised among consultants, builders, and professionals in the market. With our 27 years of hands-on experience in the area, fast-tracking takes centre stage in our service while ensuring that your needs and expectations are fulfilled on time.
Our ambition will never end, and you will always find something new that we offer. We love challenges and leverage opportunities. As a MEC family, we fully believe in honesty, accountability, and hard work, which have been our keys to long-lasting success and permanent growth.

Our Values

  • Lifelong Innovation
    Lifelong Innovation
    With rapidly evolving technology, the change in customers' needs' and demands and our urge to improve our clients' experience and assist them in boosting the efficiency of the business, we are always encouraged to innovate and develop the existing products. Thanks to our MEC family experience and knowledge, we are always confident to push the line and work on our current product range and services. We always stay curious to understand the present and future challenges of the market and clients and entwine our knowledge, experience and resources in coming up with new solutions.
  • Responsibility
    Our responsibility is always to accompany our customers in their daily journeys and business steps. We accompany our clients from the first minute in the morning when opening our automatic louvred windows, the garage door to leave the house, and getting into your business. Our products cover different industries, whether in the hospitality, industrial, commercial, medical or bank fields. Our responsibility is always to create a better future by delivering high-quality products and services that exceed customers' expectations and contribute to flourishing their businesses.
  • Hard-Working
    Hard-working has always been our concept that we integrated from day one and was manifested strongly over our journey in the Egyptian market. We always set the bar high for ourselves and harness our MEC family's passion and experience to deliver excellence guaranteeing niche sustainability. At MEC, relentless effort and expert knowledge are the keys to translating potential and skills into real solid values and real success.
  • Warranty
    Our maintenance team is available 24/7 and is fully equipped to support you from day one. Throughout our journey in the Egyptian market, we built trust with our clients through our products and our commitment and relentless work in our aftersales, maintenance and warranty. This has always been one of our succession keys, embracing our maintenance team's expertise and knowledge, reliability, dependability, and fast response. Also, we value sustainable engineering and product performance; we offer our clients maintenance contracts to assist them in fostering their efficiency and productivity plans. With the hassle of every business, we take the responsibility of sharing this with you hassle.
  • Technical Team
    Technical Team
    One of our outstanding accomplishments, which we are always proud of at MEC, is having a solid technical team that can support you from the beginning of the project. Whether upgrading your current system, targeting a specific product, or embarking on a new venture, our technical team can assist you in selecting the suitable product for the desired application. Also, thanks to our experts, our technical team is skilled and proficient in conducting value engineering and finding solutions ensuring for your company the best outcomes.
  • Quality
    Quality has been our promise to the client since day one of this journey. MEC has always been committed to professional standards in all that we do. This is reflected in our worldwide suppliers and team, who provide top-notch world-leading products. Quality for us as MEC family is not another written slogan but a value and a mindset we would never compromise. Quality is instilled in our products, installation, technical studying of your projects, maintenance, and all other services we offer you. We offer a wide range of products to cover an extensive range of industrial, commercial, and residential needs. And despite the wide range of products, we select all our products carefully, ensuring the highest safety, effectiveness, and reliability.