May 24, 2023

MEC Roller Shutter

MEC Roller Shutter MEC Roller Shutter MEC steel and aluminium roller shutters are ideal for commercial and industrial use. Our doors range from single to double insulated slats providing our clients with a wide range of safety and insulation depending on the client’s requirements. For the aluminium roller we have our Prince rolling shutter range, where you can pick the design of your own door using our very own aluminium sections. Another option is the double skinned section, providing you with extra insulation and durability. For our steel of range we have a wide of European and Egyptian steel slats ranging from the double skinned insulated to single flat, curved and perforated slats. All our automated ranges are operated by the world-leading French motors “Simu”. Use: Garages, Shops, Shopping Centres, Banks, Factories, Warehouses, Administrative Buildings Choose Your Door GalleryRead more
May 19, 2023

Non-Fire Roller Shutter

Non-Fire Roller Shutter Non-Fire Roller Shutter MEC represents world-leading roller shutter manufacturers with more than 70 years of experience. Our roller shutters have proven their durability and reliability over the past 20 years with high-traffic applications. The efficiency of those shutters is the fact that being multi-purposed in commercial and industrial sectors. Use: Shopping Centres, Banks, Factories, Warehouses, Administrative Buildings, Hospitals, Public Buildings GalleryRead more
May 27, 2021

Security Roller Shutter

Security Roller Shutter Security Roller Shutter Our Security Roller shutter is a cost-effective investment. Our SR3 provides high-performance security characteristics and is constructed to meet international standards. The door is manufactured to protect the premises against various attack options. Ascot security doors are constructed either out of steel or aluminium based on the client’s requirements. Security roller shutter is regarded as asset protection and a powerful method to undermine the risk rate of crime. Use: Shopping Centres, Banks, Factories, Warehouses, Administrative buildings, Hospitals, Public Buildings GalleryRead more
December 19, 2020

Visio Operators

Visio Operators Visio Operators Visio technology secures an outstanding performance for sliding, telescopic and revolving doors. The Visio operation range comprises three versions: Visio 100, Visio 125, and Visio125 HD. All three operators are known to be the highest speed in the market with the highest advanced technology guaranteeing reliable, smooth, and quiet performance. This is achieved through the installation of 3 Phase Motor and the inverter, which is solely found in the Manusa Product range. Our ranges operate for bi-parting and single leaves doors and carry up to 440kg in total with a speed of 2m/s for bi-parting. Our operators are manufactured and assembled fully by Manusa in Spain. Use: Laboratories, Food and Beverage Industries, Patient Rooms, ICU, Hospitals, Theatre Rooms GalleryRead more
January 19, 2020

Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors Sliding Doors Bi-parting and single-sliding doors are among the most popular solutions for commercial buildings, headquarters, banks and hospitals. It combines technology and Aesthetics in architecture.  Manusa bi-parting and sliding doors offer the highest speed in the market and maximum safety. All our sliding doors could be connected to the fire alarm system of the building.Sliding doors could be coupled with the break-out system to brace the emergency system of the building. In an emergency, sliding doors could be pushed by hand, so leaves are turned into swing leaves that are retracted, creating a large opening for evacuation. GalleryRead more
February 19, 2019

Revolving Doors

Revolving Doors Revolving Doors Revolving doors are designed to warrant energy efficiency by ensuring ideal thermal and acoustic insulation, which maintains the airflow and temperature inside the building. Revolving doors provide the combined security solution, meeting architectural solutions and coping with high traffic. All revolving doors could be coupled with a break-out system boosting the emergency system of the building as well as maximising user safety. Use: Hotels, Banks, Administrative Buildings GalleryRead more
January 19, 2019

Telescopic Doors

Telescopic Doors Telescopic Doors Telescopic doors are the ideal solution to maximize the usage of narrow spaces like corridor separations, narrow entrances, or where extra wide openings are required. The additional clear opening is obtained by turning all the installed leaves into active leaves that slide one in front of the other to retract all in a limited space. Our telescopic doors come in single-slide and bi-parting versions and could be connected to the fire alarm system of the building. GalleryRead more
January 19, 2019

X-Ray Doors

X-Ray Doors X-Ray Doors Lead-lined doors provide insulation and protection for patients and medical staff by shielding them from the X-Rays. The doors a constructed out of lead lining on both the leaf and vision panels, guaranteeing full insulation. X-Ray doors could also  be offered as a hermetic version. GalleryRead more
February 2, 2018

Fridge Doors

Fridge Doors Fridge Doors One essential component to be assessed is the door when evaluating cold and freezer rooms. The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the door are assessed based on the insulation degree and level of control of the room, including the door. Hence, freezer doors are designed to preserve the temperature control quality of your room and enhance it by increasing the condensation resistance and frosting around the seals. It is also an option to improve the safety of the door. Use: Entertainment Centres, Warehouses, Food Factories, Pharmaceutical GalleryRead more
February 2, 2018

Sectional Doors

Sectional Doors Sectional Doors Sectional doors are made of separate insulated panels that move along the ceiling either vertically, with an angle or 90° angle. The sandwich panels are comprised of steel or aluminium panels separated y a fire-retardant polyurethane (CFC-free) Foam core. The multiple varieties of aluminium, steel, and vision panels allow you to customize a bespoke design to meet the desired application. Due to the sandwich panel, sectional doors are considered a significant asset in the building’s environmental system, as it minimizes energy loss by bossing the performance of the thermal and ambient insulation. Use: Loading Areas, Food and Beverage Industries, Cold Storage Places, Fire and Ambulance Stations GalleryRead more
January 19, 2018

High-Speed Doors

High-Speed Doors High-Speed Doors The high-speed fold-up door is designed for internal and external intensive usage. Thanks to its PVC material and speed motor, the doors operate with significant high opening and closing speeds of up to 2.5m/s to allow high thermal and hygiene isolation between two separate venues. With the high sealing facilities, the door ensures excellent dirt prevention and enhanced air tightness. Hence, high-speed doors are a customized system solution for heavy-duty applications with a maximum dimension of 6m x 6m. Use: Logistics, Supermarkets, Food-to-Medicine Factories. GalleryRead more
March 27, 2001

Dock Shelters

Dock Shelters Dock Shelters A dock shelter is an additional component of the docking system. This guarantees weather and temperature insulation. Also, it is an economical solution to expand your system’s capability to accommodate different vehicle sizes. Depending on the project, we offer various dock shelters to meet diverse requirements. Make sure you ask about the Dock System accessories to increase the safety and efficiency of the system GalleryRead more