May 16, 2023

When discussing bank premises security, we need to discuss MEC Roller Doors

When discussing Bank premises security, we need to discuss MEC roller doors. They always say price and quality are never combined. However, MEC has set an end to these ages ago. Our team is committed to providing premium-quality workmanship at affordable prices. We pleasantly pioneered locally manufactured aluminium polycarbonate doors that have proven their reliability and durability, especially in critical applications like banks. The central banks of Egypt specified MEC for their locally manufactured doors, and since 2011, CIB and other 40 banks have proudly specified us for our doors' quality and performance. This is achieved using Simu-motors, bespoke door designs and superior technical knowledge. Our panel section designs make the door designs more flexible, which assists in rapidly responding to our client’s demands and consultants’ specifications. All our designs are aluminium or tailored to your needs. The panels are interlocked, which provides the door stability and makes it safe and eligible for attacks. The doors are manufactured for heights up to 4m and a width of 12m. Our doors have proven their long-standing history against general crime and damage, vandalism, theft and other security risks. The journey continues after the installation of the doors. MEC offers one of the most robust maintenance service plans that would prolong the service life of our doors. Also, knowing that we are just one call away is essential, as MEC offers a 24/7 call-out service. Do you require security doors? Then opt for MEC doors.Read more