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"Automatic Control Systems for Doors & Gates"

Who we are!

MEC (The Egyptians for Electricity & Communications) has the Pleasure to present to our Costumers in all over Egypt , the ideal solution for protection and security doors imported and manufactured locally and by our copmany.

We Deliver to the most well known Companies, Stors, Megastores and Factory in Both Alexandria and Cairo and we aslo provide effective after-sales services.


Perforated Doors

Roller Shutter perforated doors, transparent, and safety. have many shapes and colors and vary from fully transparent, screen holes and flat solid perforated plates.


Prince Roller Shutter

Optional models shapes to fit your needs Grilled Semi Grilled Solid

... and more!

Heavy Duty

Image 01 For factories, heavy duty facilities and military hangars. Fully automated, fire and wind resistant.

Tightly closed

Image  02 For industrial buildings, food stores, malls and pharmaceutical wearhouse, and operating rooms.

Fully Automated

Image 03Guaranteed fully automated with variety of industrial motors ensuring power, rapidity and flexibility.


Image 04 Anti-theft doors, Huge dimensions, lightweight and bears a heavy shocks. suitable for Banks and ATM machines.
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